Vampire Webseries ‘Carmilla’ is the Better, Queerer Alternative to Twilight

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If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes in the pop culture side of the Internet then when it comes to vampires you’ve probably heard it all. They glitter (or just burn) in the sun, they also can’t see their reflections in mirrors and they have an aversion to garlic. Jeez, trying to season their meals must be the worst.

More often than not, the vampire love stories on TVs and in cinemas are inane and heterosexual too, essentially being like every other male/female love story but with extra undeadedness.

We’ve seen this 10,000 times before and we’re all bored of it. Thank goodness for Carmilla then, the vampire webseries that not only has a strong story but a whole lot of queerness too.

Based on the 19th century novella by J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Carmilla is all about a girl (Laura) whose college roommate disappears into thin air. Following a round of other weird disappearances of other girls on campus, she puts together a series of vlogs to document her journey as she attempts to get to the bottom of it.

[tweet_dis]That’s the basic premise then, so where does the queerness come in?[/tweet_dis] Well with one roomie vanishing into nothing, leaving just a trail of unidentified goop in her wake, Laura gets a new one in the form of the titular Carmilla.

Carmilla likes late nights, setting things on fire and flirting unashamedly with Laura. Oh, and she also happens to be a vampire too! The main ship on the show, Carmilla causes trouble for Laura but is also a surprising ally in the race to save the missing roommate and discover what happened to the other girls who’ve been taken.

But, Laura x Carmilla shippers have another roadblock to face (as if the whole, undead vampire thing wasn’t enough) in the form of Danny. Danny is a new friend of Laura’s who also appears to have a little crush on her too. It’s sweet! Both Laura-centric ships are adorable and it’s clear there’s something there even if the show doesn’t seem to be interested in sticking labels all up on them.

These three are backed up in their quest to protect the campus by best friends Perry and LaFontaine (basically the adorable mother hens of the show) and the latter character also seems to be queer.

So in short, Carmilla has a fantastic premise, a mostly female cast of characters to fall in love with and some queer lovelines to follow too. That’s probably everything we’ve been looking for in a show and episodes are about 4 minutes long on average. So what are you waiting for? A link to Carmilla is below.

Click here to watch the first episode of Carmilla.

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