Vietnamese Lesbian Couple Hold Valentine’s Day Wedding On Airplane

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A Vietnamese lesbian couple celebrated Valentine’s Day by celebrating their wedding on an airplane.

Couple, Tang Ai Linh and Pham Thi Thanh Phuong, who have been together for 13 years, approached the airline Vietjet to ask about the possibility of a ceremonial wedding. The airline agreed, but then went all out, decking out the plane with flowers to ensure the celebrations were unforgettable.

According to Thanhnien News, the couple exchanged rings on the flight, before sharing a kiss and cutting their wedding cake.

Same-sex marriage is not legally recognised in Vietnam, but last month the government repealed a law, which actively criminalised same-sex weddings.

The move was seen by many as a move designed to promote the country’s image as a tolerant and accepting place, and boost tourism especially from LGBT travelers. It is the first country in South East Asia to make such a move.

Singapore’s courts upheld its anti-gay laws in October, parts of Indonesia punish homosexuality with 100 lashes, and Brunei passed a law calling for gays to be stoned to death.

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