Watch Kate Mckinnon Being a Relatable Gay Icon for 5 minutes

Get ready to laugh out loud, because today we're all about Kate McKinnon!
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Get ready to laugh out loud, because today we’re all about Kate McKinnon!

Throughout her career the Saturday Night Live star has made fans laugh and cry at her funny skits and epic characters. From her time on The Big Gay Sketch Show to her SNL years, Kate Mckinnon has won us over through jokes and wit and we are so grateful that she has.

In addition to her TV work, the comedian has proven herself as a movie star as well over the past few years with small roles in movies like Sisters to big roles in hits like Ghostbusters.

As her name has become bigger and bigger in Hollywood, McKinnon has lived up to her hype and made fans all over the world smile and break into laughter thanks to her killer comedic timing and spot-on accents.

So sit back and watch an icon deliver.

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