Watch The Banned ‘Carol’ Trailer Deemed Too ‘Lesbian’ for TV?

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Nominated for six Oscars, Carol is a stunning film making waves around the world.

But those waves are apparently little too hot for ABC. Execs at ABC, the network that airs super racy scenes on shows like How To Get Away with Murder, told Carol’s studio, the Weinstein Company, to cover up Cate and Rooney in a new TV spot or it would not be aired.

ABC execs told Weinstein they would only air the spot if the studio “provides more coverage on both,” according to a press release from the Weinstein Company.

The new Carol ad focuses on the physical relationship between Carol (Cate) and Therese (Rooney), something previous ads have not, but it appears that ABC execs are just plain squeamish about women’s bodies touching.


Watch the banned spot below. Do you think it’s too racy for ABC primetime?

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