What It’s Really Like To Have Cancer (Video)

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BuzzFeed have released a powerful and honest video where five cancer survivors sit down and describe what it’s really like to have the disease.

never forget, there will always be someone willing to listen and fight with you.

The participants, some of whom received their diagnoses as children, speak about the experience with total honesty and impart some great advice for those who might be going through what they did — and also speak about what their friends and family did that hurt them rather than helped.

They think and they know that you’re going through something so challenging, they keep their problems at bay. When you’re going through something like cancer, sometimes you just want to get out of your own head and hear someone else’s problems.”

What It's Really Like To Have Cancer

So, what can you do if you know someone who has cancer?

The most important thing to do is listen. Everyone is so different, which makes their cancer experience unique to them, so there’s never a right thing to do. Just like, listen and be there (unless your friend going through chemo doesn’t want you there, then give them some space). It’s natural to want to help, but the key to helping is listening, otherwise you’re just doing things to make yourself feel better.”

Never forget, there will always be someone willing to listen and fight with you. Watch the full video below.

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