What Makes a Man an Anti-gay Extremist Bigot? When his Wife Leaves Him for Another Women

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[tweet_dis]What Makes a Man an Anti-gay Extremist Bigot? When his Wife Leaves Him for Another Women[/tweet_dis]

Court documents obtained by Lone Star Q, reveal the wife of an anti-gay extremist Jonathan Saenz – left him for a woman months before he became the head of an anti-gay Texas group.

In August 2011, he was hit with divorce papers from his now ex-wife, Corrine Morris Rodriguez Saenz, after nearly 10 years of marriage. Those court papers, reveal Rodriguez left Saenz for a woman named Ercimin Paredes.

Jonathan Saenz is a conservative Catholic attorney who is the president of Texas Values, an anti-abortion, anti-LGBT group ‘dedicated to preserving and advancing a culture of family values in the state of Texas’.

Lone Star Q reports Saenz’s attorney “made discovery requests and issued subpoenas seeking information about Corrine Saenz’s relationship with her girlfriend.” Saenz sought to have Paredes barred from the courtroom during the divorce proceedings. The divorce was finalized last year.

Saenz is a vocal opponent of marriage equality who has suggested same-sex marriage support could apply to polygamy or incest and may lead to the jailing of “thousands and thousands” of pastors. He has also championed gay conversation therapy.

The irony of Saenz’s personal martial issues and public homophobia was not lost on the Internet. Lone Star Q’s story went viral on Reddit.

Saenz has been active on Twitter since Lone Star Q broke the news, but he has remained silent on the revelations.

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