Have you ever finished having sex with someone and immediately started to wonder, WTF was that?! I know I have. It’s not something we’re proud of (usually), but sometimes in the nitty gritty moments of deep passion and hormones… Things get pretty weird.

If you think about it too hard, sex is sort of weird anyway. I mean, no two lesbians have exactly the same definition of where the line between “foreplay” and “sex” lies, no two lesbians have exactly the same interests (although, if you’ve found a partner who shares most of them, congratulations to you!).

What’s the weirdest experience you’ve ever had in the bedroom (or car, or shower, or wherever it happened!)? We want to hear about it! If you’re brave, you can share it in the comments – but those who are shy can share it anonymously through our contact page.

My Weirdest Lesbian Sex Story

It wouldn’t be fair if I asked for your stories and wasn’t willing to share one of my own, so here’s one of my strangest stories. Enjoy!

Several years ago, through a chain of circumstances, I ended up homeless for a short time. I wasn’t sleeping on the streets or anything like that (thankfully) but I was bouncing around from couch to couch, staying with whatever friends could take me in for a day or two. It was pretty rough, but thankfully I had a lot of good friends and family who were able to help me out.

For about a week, I was staying with one of my best friends. He lived with his mom, and he hadn’t exactly gotten permission from her for me to stay there. She liked me enough, and it’s not like I was eating all her food or anything, I just needed somewhere to sleep. So I’d sneak in after she went to bed, and I’d be out before she left for work in the morning.

Well, once or twice, I came back during the daytime, while she was gone at work. One time in particular, my friend’s girlfriend happened to be there – in a vinyl nurse outfit. I’d never really been into that sort of thing, but there are some things that you come around to when they’re standing right in front of you, if you catch my drift.

Now, generally, I consider friends’ girlfriends to be off limits. Same goes with the exes of friends or family members. No judgment on those who do it, but it’s not my thing.

Well, this was the one exception.

My friend, much to my surprise, actually gave the OK – he had given his girlfriend permission to seduce me. Now, I’m not really into having an audience, either, but this was one of those “when am I really going to have that chance again?” type of moments – so I went for it. I agreed to be her mistress!

As for my best friend, he didn’t video tape it. He didn’t join in. He didn’t comment. He just watched.

If you’ve never had an audience before, let me tell you… That’s a strange experience.

But I think it worked out pretty well, all things considered… And it’s something that I can say that I’ve done.

I’d probably never do it again – but just the one experience was enough for me.

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