Where to Next? 5 Signs You’ve Caught The Travel Bug

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Traveling the world definitely isn’t for everyone. And when it comes to travel, let’s face it, there really isn’t much of a grey area when it comes to liking it. You either love it and want to see as many destinations as you can in your lifetime, or you’d much rather stay in the comfort of your own home and learn about exotic places while munching on some potato chips and watching the Travel Channel.

So how can you tell if you’re a lover or hater of travel?

Well aside from the obvious signs of dreading getting on an airplane and cramping your style by having to stay at a hotel with no cable versus jumping for joy at choosing your seat on the plane and looking forward to checking out that hip new hostel that everyone on travel blogs has been raving about…

Here’s a look at a five signs you may have indeed caught the travel bug and are destined to roam the globe.

Your Bucket List is Full of Travel Destinations: Most people might have one or two exotic destination to see before they die, but not you. Your entire list (or the majority of it) is full of places you want to travel to. Not only that, but it’s most likely that your list is continually getting longer. From the exotic allure of a secluded Southeast Asian Island to the adventure of trekking through Patagonia…your bucket list will leave no stone unturned (or no destination unexplored).

You “Window Shop” Travel Agencies: Where most girls love to window shop the department stores and shoe stores, you’re more interested in the latest travel packages your local travel agency has to offer. Who needs a sale on stilettos when you can get a great deal on an all-inclusive yoga retreat in Bali?

You Can’t Wait for that Next Passport Stamp: Those not infected with the travel bug can’t wait for the next great French lesbian movie, a sale on Converse sneakers, or the latest Radclyffe novel, you’re itching to get that next stamp in your passport. Yes, you’re wondering what that South African visitor’s visa stamp will look like next to your Brazilian exit stamp.

Your “selfie” Includes an Airplane Wing: Forget taking a “selfie” while you’re dining at the newest sushi restaurant that includes everything you’re eating. Your “selfies” have you, the airplane wing, and a bird’s eye view of the newest destination where you’ll be landing at.

You’re Always in Trip-Planning Mode: It doesn’t matter if you’ve just returned from a trip or not, you’re always ahead of the game when it comes to figuring out where you’ll be travelling to next. Who has time for jet lag? When you’ve got the travel bug, you must heed the call. Plan on, girlfriend, plan on.

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