Why Cara Delevingne Epic Early Morning Interview Just Made Our Day (Video)

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On thing we love is realism. Not everyone is chipper in the morning. In fact the morning after night before is the worst feeling ever.

Enter bisexual model-turned-actor, Cara Delevingne and her latest interview with Good Day Sacramento TV’s trio – Marianne McClary, Ken Rudulph and Mark S Allen.

Cara appeared on the early morning show after the New York premiere of Paper Towns – the movie adaptation of the John Green novel – and found her interview cut short because of her tone.

The interview didn’t get off to a great start when the programme’s anchor appeared to call her ‘Carla’ – pretty dumb move seeing she is arguably one of the most recognisable faces and names in the entertainment industry today.

The next few minutes when they tried to get a bit of information out of the blonde beauty were fairly painful.

When asked if she’d read the novel or if she could possibly squeeze it into her hectic schedule, Cara tried to smack on a fake smile but the sarcasm was clear as day.


Uh, no I never read the book, or the script. I kind of winged it.”

The comment fell on deaf ears. I guess, it turns out there are still some big differences between British and American humour.

So she informs them in very deadpan voice that John Green was one of her favourite novelists.

She is then accused of not being “excited” about promoting the film, before she’s advised to “take a nap or have a Red Bull”.

The when anchor Marianne McClary asked her if she was irritated or if it was the fault of the show, Delevingne replied, ‘No, I think it’s just you.

Love it. 

Cara-Delevingne Cara-Delevingne-and-St-Vincent-at-the-Paper-Towns-after-party

Watch it below:


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