Why Comedy Central’s Broad City is the Lady-Led TV Show You’ve Been Waiting For

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Girls on HBO is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s the reason to sign up to a cable subscription and Lena Dunham’s comedy writing voice is fresher than a ten ton stack of mints. Or, it’s offensive at times and ultimately not a reflection of the New York that many of the city’s inhabitants know and love. This depends on who you ask, but either way, Girls is creating the conversation, even if that conversation is sometimes on how it gets it wrong (namely in its representation of people of colour or lack thereof). The diverse faces and characters of New York may be better represented in Comedy Central’s hilarious new lady-led show, Broad, City, which is the show to watch for anyone looking for a new round of laughs.

Premiering in January, 2014, the new Comedy Central show made the jump from online to offline after being released as a web series, but a cult hit does as a cult hit needs and the requirement for a bigger audience, who would love it just as much as its online fans, was clear. Taking a chance on Broad City, Comedy Central’s unlikely test has become a sleeper hit, already renewed for season two, despite not finishing its debut season until March 26th. What makes the show a hit is the (often weed-based) humour of Ilana and Abbi, two friends who struggle to make a dime in the Big Apple, eschewing the pipe dreams that the ensemble of Girls are so insistent on following.

Too, perhaps it’s the realness of Broad City that makes it such a joy to watch. For all of the alienating privilege that Girls exposed viewers to, Broad City is for the rest of us who haven’t lived the Girls life. Ilana and Abbi are two refreshingly normal girls looking to break even and pay off the rent in a familiar way that embodies exactly what comedy is about; comedy is funny because it’s relatable. In real life, Ilana and Abbi are alumni of the Upright Citizens Bridge (the famous comedy troupe) and could make a Wall Street broker’s trade journal read like an SNL sketch but Broad City is also backed by the phenomenal star power of people like Amy Poehler (a producer on the show and season finale guest star).Not only this, but Fred Armisen’s comedy chops are also featured, helping to further stating that Broad City is one of the funniest show on the planet. So with all that said, maybe that headline is misleading as Broad City isn’t just a fine example of hilarity and irreverent fun, it’s the lady-led TV show that you’ve been waiting more, and then some.

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