Why It’s Worth The Wait

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Sometimes it’s worth waiting to have sex with someone.

Often we find ourselves in a rush to do things. Whether it’s a rush to get to the bank on time, a rush to the store before it closes, or a rush up the corporate ladder, we find reasons to keep ourselves busy and methods to keep ourselves less patient. Sometimes, that instant gratification can be wonderful.

But what would happen if you didn’t give into the temptation?

You’ll want it more.

If you have to wait for something, you’re going to want it more. Just like when you were a kid waiting for your birthday – the closer it came, the more you wanted it to happen already.

That childlike anticipation is still inside us. I’m guessing that you enjoy sex much more as an adult than you ever enjoyed your birthday as a child. Just think of how much stronger that burning desire is going to be if you have to wait for it!

You’ll be more sensitive.

Although we do our best to be good to our partners in bed, sometimes we’re just not feeling it. There are a million things that can cause a lack of sensation, but usually they’ll go away in time. If you wait until the feeling comes back, you’ll be more receptive to each other’s needs and it will feel even better!

You’ll be more creative.

For those who have sex all the time, it can be fun – but at a certain point it begins to become routine. If you force yourself to wait awhile between trysts, you’ll be forced to come up with something new – and you’ll have more time to think it up!

You’ll enjoy teasing.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone – some women don’t like to be turned on unless they’re going to be “serviced” soon. But for those of us who enjoy being teased and tantalized, it can do wonders for your libido if you’re forced to tempt each other instead of giving into the urges right away. You can take a “temporary abstinence time” and just tease each other through text messages or sultry looks. When it’s time to give in, you’ll be inseparable.

We shouldn’t be in a hurry all the time.

Especially when it comes to sex, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to rush in every time. Just like anything else, there’s a greater appeal if we have to put in some effort. It can be frustrating, but the more frustrations there are, the more rewarding the outcome is.

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