Will Ellen Page’s “Freeheld” Be A Surprise Box Office Hit?

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Later this year, we will get to watch Ellen Page’s much-anticipated movie Freeheld. And sources are tipping the film to become a box office hit, with some entertainment observers and fans noticing the growing anticipation for this movie since Lionsgate won the bidding war for its rights at the Berlin Film Festival.

Page is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, a critically acclaimed artist whose acting range is beyond reproach. However, this is a film which could do something different for her reputation and that is it could turn her into a major ‘box office draw’. Especially as in this project she has been coupled with an A-list, Oscar winning, movie star Julianne Moore – who can bring large numbers of fans to any movie.

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Freeheld is a film that has the potential to draw ‘huge’ numbers at the box office because of its ‘human story’ of a couple fighting to have one of the partner’s pension benefits transferred to the other, a story which many entertainment fans can relate to. Moreover, many heterosexual movie fans will be drawn to any project which she is part of because of both women’s sensational acting range.


This is also a great movie for lesbian visibility. As we all agree its not often lesbian stories are told or documented on the big screens of Hollywood. However, Freeheld could be seen as a film of the equal to Philadelphia or Brokeback Mountain in queer visibility.


Page would never really admit that becoming known, as a major box office draw is important to her. However, one thing that she has revealed in her interviews is she is “ultra-competitive” – something she has known since her days as a competitive soccer player in Canada, and that trait has not all of a sudden disappeared as an actress.

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