Will Piper and Alex Get Back Together in Orange is the New Black Season 3?

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Things haven’t been so smooth for Orange is the New Black‘s leading couple, Piper and Alex. First, the two women reunited under terrible circumstances when they both happened to be in the same prison, then they hooked up in a church and were happy for all of two seconds, but then it was revealed that Alex was the reason that Piper ended up in the slammer in the first place.

Oh, and then there was also the thorny issue of Larry who Piper was still engaged to as she was falling for Alex again.


Roll on season two where Alex asked Piper to lie on the stand and when Piper did, Alex told the truth and ended up being released. Then Piper got revenge and Alex was thrown back into prison again for violating her parole and buying a gun (to protect herself against those she testified against) and it’s really up in the air as to whether or not these once lovebirds will get back together for good.

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Over at Bustle, Kadeen Griffiths notes that quite a few things need to happen before #Pipex blesses us with their romance once more. For example, although they trotted the globe together and shacked up in palaces bought with drug money, they are very different people now who need to get to know each other and so they should probably date.

That’s not really conventional since there aren’t many places you can be romantic when guards are watching your every move, but it would be nice to see them on dates.


They also need to stop betraying each other since a) it’s not healthy for any relationship and b) it’s just plain mean and neither of them know where they stand.

And finally, they need to talk about the future because it’s not easy to make plans about moving in and getting married and having babies when you’re both doing jail time (Larry and Piper couldn’t even handle that when just one of them was in prison).

Plus, it’s not clear how much time either of them is doing so they need to come to terms with the possibility of being separated.

In Orange is the New Black season three, however, it might not be these things that keep Piper and Alex apart. As we saw in the new OITNB trailer, a new inmate played by Ruby Rose seems to have taken an interest in the two of them.

We already saw Piper and Alex’s mutual friend Nicky get between them (she hooked up with Alex not long after her and Piper split up) so it’s not so far fetched to think that the new character will divert their attention too.

No matter what happens, we’ll still be watching the show at the edge of our seats when Orange is the New Black returns in June.







One thought on “Will Piper and Alex Get Back Together in Orange is the New Black Season 3?

  1. MF518

    Good relationship advice for Alex & Piper.
    Let’s hope they follow it; we Vauseman shippers can’t handle any more angst…..

    Can’t wait for season 3!!!

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