What Will Sex Be Like in the Future?

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On one hand, sex has stayed the same since the beginning of time – after all, male and female bodies haven’t really changed, so neither has the process of procreating.

On the other hand, sex is changing rapidly all the time thanks to the advent of sex toys, dental dams, lube, and evolving attitudes about sexuality. Ten years ago, Virtual Reality was pure science fiction, Tinder was just a word meaning “kindling for a fire,” and polyamory sounds like a fake Scrabble word.

Recently, Bustle sat down with some sexologists to discuss the future of sex, which could include everything from sex robots to true orgasm equality. Here’s what they found.

VR sex will be a thing.

VR porn is already taking off in popularity, but soon, according to the VR company CroatiaTech.com, people will be able to hook themselves up to machines and simulate long-distance sex. They’ll even be able to feel each other.

Way more people will be using sex toys.

Right now, vibrators, dildos and kegel balls are something we giggle when we talk about – they’re things we’d hesitate to put in any bag that a TSA agent will touch, and something we’d die if our parents knew we had. But the CEO of Unbound theorizes that soon, sex toys will be as normal as a toothbrush.

Polyamory will rise.

According to an O.school sex educator, the percentage of 18- to 24-year-olds who identify as polyamorous is rising every day. She speculates that in 10 years, monogamy won’t necessarily be the default.

Queer will be the new normal.

Historic numbers of millennials are identifying as LGBTQIA, and even as labels that didn’t exist ten years ago. Ten years from now, that percentage will only rise, and sexual fluidity will be far more accepted than it is now.

What do you think will be the future of sex?

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