Writing A Film For Leisa Rea – a ‘Fly-on-the-wall-Mockumentary’ by Deborah Espect

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Watch this 16-minute funny ‘fly-on-the-wall-mockumentary’ short, about a writers obsession with comic Leisa Rea.

Created by out London-based writer Deborah Espect, the mockumentary is about ‘fan-girling’, which goes to a another level.

Whats is fan-girling you maybe be asking?! Well according to the urban dictionary fan-girling is ‘a gathering of two or more fangirls in which they proceed to waste endless amounts of time ogling, discussing/arguing, stalking, etc. the object of their “affection” ‘

The short focuses on a writer Deborah (played by Jenny Harrold) who writes a film for Leisa Rea simply to so she could meet Leisa.

Writing A Film For Leisa Rea

Writing A Film For Leisa Rea from Deborah Espect on Vimeo.

‘Fly-on-the-wall-mockumentary’. After a minor exchange on a social media site, a writer becomes obsessed with a comedienne, and decides to cast her in her new film in order to meet her… to the detriment of everyone else involved in the production.

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