Yawn, Questions Girls With Tattoos Are Tired Of Hearing

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Watch the video ‘Questions Girls With Tattoos Are Tired Of Hearing’, which was inspired by Buzzfeed post – 16 Questions People With Tattoos Are Tired Of Answering, this video highlights those ‘delightful‘ question ladies we tattoos often receive

16 Questions People With Tattoos Are Tired Of Answering

  1. Can I touch it?
  2. Is that real?
  3. Did it hurt?!?
  4. I’m thinking about getting a tattoo on my side. Do you think that’s going to hurt?
  5. What does it MEAN?! (Usually asked by a stranger in a public place.)
  6. What do you mean, “you just like it”? IT HAS TO MEAN SOMETHING, right?
  7. Wanna see mine?
  8. I really want to get my sleeve done! How much is that going to cost?
  9. So…do you have any tattoos in *private* places?
  10. How long did it take?
  11. Are you an artist?
  12. Who did your tattoo — do you have his/her number?
  13. How will you ever get a JOB with those?
  14. OMGz aren’t you afraid of getting a disease?!?!
  15. Whoa, so you’re, like, a tough chick or something, right?
  16. UGH, what are you gonna look like when you’re 80??
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