Yoga Meditation for Helping with a Breaking Up

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Break-ups are never easy and it is especially painful if you are finding it hard go.  A break up often bring up feelings of rejection and loneliness, leaving us wondering if we will ever meet another person.

If you’ve gone through a break up in the past, or are going through one now, then mediation is very good way to clear the mind and re-build the soul.

Here is a powerful meditation to try, which can help break-ups and healing the heart;  Kundalini Yoga – Meditation for Breaking Up and heal your heart.

This Kundalini yoga meditation was originally taught by Yogi Bhajan, who taught the meditation for moving on, turning the page and helping one to not feel abandoned.

The yoga guru said that the ultimate elements to a deep relationship are, “Passion, Intimacy, Love”.

Never settle for anything less. Being satisfied in your relationship with yourself is far more fulfilling than being in a toxic relationship with another.

In the fishing world they say, “Throw it back into the water.” If a potential relationship doesn’t meet your calibre, “Throw it back,” and the universe will have to accommodate you.


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