Your Monthly Lesbian Horoscope | September 2015

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Here’s your complete love and life horoscope for September

In September the last days of Summer are spent and the cool Autumn season begins. With the changing leaves and lower temperatures, the autumn equinox takes place.

So, what to look forward to — and look out for.

Find out what is in your stars with our monthly horoscope. From Capricorn to Sagittarius, our free horoscope touches on all aspects of life including family, friends, home, work and love, plus uncover astrology symbols, meanings and characteristics for each star sign.

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Virgo 8/23 – 9/22

Lady luck seems to be on your side this month, and you have Mercury to thank. With the backing and support of the other planets, Mercury is creating a win-win situation for you at work and in your finances. This would be a good time to invest, take on a project with a margin of risk, or even buy a lottery ticket or two. For any Virgos with their own business, this is the ideal time to look to the future, modernise, and branch out. The only rain cloud in your house this month comes in the form of envy. You might be doing well, but you still can’t help feeling aggrieved at those doing better than you. There’ll always be someone with a newer car, a hotter girlfriend, a bigger house, but it’s time you started focussing on your own life and letting the lives of others take care of themselves.


Libra 9/23 – 10/22

Although Libra may experience some niggles this month, Venus is in a strong position and will provide you with the positive energy needed to field any problems. It’s also Venus standing tall who will prevent Saturn and Mars from doing the damage they’d like. These minor irritations will be most keenly felt at work where a bad atmosphere has been building. At least one person has it in for you and is trying to recruit others to their cause. Keep your head and think clearly. You have the right energy to neutralise this problem now and you could even give them a taste of their own medicine. Likewise at home, minor issues and irritations are all you have to deal with. Listen to those closest to you and try to see their point of view. This is no time to be self-absorbed, and putting yourself in the shoes of others could make all the difference.


Scorpio 10/23 – 11/21

The dark focus of The Moon on your work life this month means that September is going to feel pressured and deliver a large dose of stress to your door. The first ten days of the month are when this will be most intense. However, forewarned is forearmed and you can prepare for this in advance. Make sure your energy levels are up and you have the time to deal with whatever comes your way. Venus is also trying to do the same amount of damage in your personal life, but she isn’t as strong as The Moon this month. It shouldn’t be a problem for those Scorpions in a long term relationship where there is trust and a strong bond. However, for those only recently in love it could be tricky. You may find out some things about your new girl you aren’t comfortable with or see a side to her you didn’t expect. How this plays out is up to you, but remember, the influence of Venus is temporary and all could seem more reasonable in the light of day.


Sagittarius 11/22 – 12/21

The main problem in the house of Sagittarius this month will be Mercury. The dark damage Mercury is trying to inflict will be partly blocked by Jupiter, but not completely. This means you should watch your back. It’s particularly significant to single Sagittariuns who should be careful about who they trust right now. Don’t go head first into any situations. Instead, take your time and make sure you know who you’re dealing with. At work, all Sagittariuns should be mindful of those around them. Your motto this month should be ‘if you want something doing, do it yourself’. In other words, don’t trust others to help you get projects finished and deadlines met. The responsibility lies with you and you should make sure you dot all the i’s and cross the t’s yourself.


Capricorn 12/22 – 1/19

With Jupiter and The Moon joining forces to cast some shadows over Capricorn this month, you could be facing a difficult September. Jupiter will be responsible for any negative events in your work life and you’ll have to work hard to fight against him. The key to this could be your originality. Although you won’t be able to stop problems arising you may be able to out-fox Jupiter by being creative and surprising your boss and clients with your uniqueness. In your personal life it won’t be so easy to gain control. The Moon will do its best to cause havoc here and you’ll struggle to stay on solid ground. The answer here could be to be proactive. Instead of being meek and trying to appease your partner, take a firmer stance and let her see you’re serious. By staying strong you can win her respect as well as her understanding.


Aquarius 1/20 – 2/18

The unusual position of Saturn in the house of Aquarius this month points towards a curious meddling in your leisure time. For the first ten day period all looks calm and if you want to plan any trips or social events this would be a good time to do it. In the second and third ten day periods of September however, Saturn looks set to cause some mischief. This could come in the form of travel disruptions or family arguments, but whatever it is, it spells an unhappy time for holidays. In contrast, your work life looks as if it will be without any problems and could even be a time of greater productivity and success. All this suggests now is the time to concentrate on work, but if you are taking a break with loved ones, make sure you keep your cool as you could encounter some testing situations.


Pisces 2/19 – 3/20

Venus is very strong in the house of Pisces through September and will be shining reconciliatory light your way. This could relate to differences between you and your lover, but it seems more likely that this is about a friend you’ve either lost touch with or had a disagreement with. If you haven’t heard from this person in a while now would be the ideal time for you to reach out to them and re-establish your bond. If you re-engage with this person this month your friendship will be stronger than ever before. Your work life looks less positive and while you won’t encounter any major difficulties, it’s certainly not a good time to make any big changes or try for a new position. Ride it out for this month and you’ll emerge with better prospects for the future.


Aries 3/21 – 4/19

The unusual position of Saturn changing direction and bringing positivity in the house of Aries this month, will be slightly offset by The Sun shining negative light your way. This situation is likely to mean some frustrating times for you in September. In your work life there’ll be opportunities that you can’t take advantage of. This could be because of time restraints, resources or just circumstances, but whatever the reason, try to stay calm and recognise this for what it is. You can’t win them all, and though it’s frustrating, you’re going to have to let this one go. At home you may feel like you’re wading through treacle and you can’t do anything right. Again, stay calm and try to relax while still being attentive to your girl. This difficult period will pass and how you handle it will determine how you come out of it.

Taurus 4/20 – 5/20

Pluto is going to do its best to block any efforts Venus makes in your house this month, and while Venus is usually a strong force for Taurus, she may not be able to overcome Pluto completely. This means September could be tricky. First of all, your finances will fall short. If you’re self-employed it’s a simple case of not making as much as you’d hoped this month. If you’re an employee you could have some unexpected expenditure that will leave you struggling. In your personal life Venus is going to be unable to stop you from doing something to cause problems. You’ll believe you are doing the right thing, but remember your actions have consequences. You can still stand by the decisions you make, just be ready to accept responsibility for them.

Gemini 5/21 – 6/21

The planets look to be involved in a complicated dance in the house of Gemini this month, with Venus and Jupiter swapping sides. All this confusion will have a curious effect on you during September. At work it’s going to be out of your hands and you could find yourself being the victim. Management could turn against you or a deal that looks too good to be true will turn out to be just that. In your private life things get even more complex. For whatever reason, you will either be involved in gossip or spread a rumour about someone. If you’re not careful you could end up being your own worst enemy this month and even go about sabotaging friendships and relationships. Your closest and most loyal friends will stick by you, but others may see a side to you they can’t reconcile themselves with.

Cancer 6/22 – 7/22

Saturn appears to be on the war path in the house of Cancer this month. For some of you the best you can do in September is to keep your head down and do your upmost to limit damage. This means some serious fire-fighting at work and dealing with issues quickly when they arise. Now is not the time to get bogged down and let problems pile up. At home it looks like being even worse. Friends, and especially family, will be spoiling for a fight. Even if you know they are wrong, try not to rise to the bait. Arguments you enter into now will be difficult to go back from. It’s going to be a challenge to bite your tongue, but it will mean a smoother ride in the future if you do.


Leo 7/23 – 8/22

September looks like being a positive month for Leo on the whole. The Sun is literally shining bright in your house this month and though Mercury will try to throw up some problems for you at work, The Sun will do a good job of blocking it. This means you might be faced with some problems that you feel are too big, or a situation you feel you can’t handle. Believe in yourself and know that you have the tools to overcome anything and succeed. Leos who are in a relationship will feel the lightening of a load and tensions eased, meaning a more harmonious time for you and your girl. For those who are single it’s a great time to try something new or do something a little crazy. With The Sun on your side you can feel confident that the outcome will be good.

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