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Open Your Eyes to new LGBTQ film ‘Be Your Wo/Man’

Be Your Wo/Man – An optometrist’s assistant strangely obsessed with eyes falls in love with her roommate’s split-personality.

My goal is to tell a story about acceptance. After viewing the film, I hope for others to embrace the idea of keeping their eyes open to the world. There is so much beauty in diversity, which I believe we often just look past. We don’t crack open our eyes, and we often tint them with glasses. I think if we opened our eyes more, we may discover things about the world that we are otherwise blind to see.

Joe Wielosinski

Film synopsis:

Aislinn Celia is a 24-year-old aspiring photographer obsessed with eyes. After relocating from Honolulu to Chicago in hopes of moving on from her past, Aislinn begins work at an optometrist’s office. There, she meets her overbearing boss, Dr. Brianna Navarro, and her quirky, overexcited coworker, Sue Ellen Locke.

Even more conflict rises when Aislinn meets Dillon Alter, a cute guy in her apartment complex. A romantic tryst finds Aislinn waking the following morning next to a woman with features similar to Dillon. Aislinn learns that Dillon has a female split personality named Charlotte Belle, triggered when he is sexually active or aroused. In an ironic twist of fate, Aislinn and Dillon/Charlotte are roommates.

At first, Charlotte annoys Aislinn. Not before long, an intense romance is developed between the two. Charlotte is open, fun, free-spirited; everything Aislinn desires in a relationship. Soon, she finds herself madly in love with Charlotte, craving her more than Dillon. Not all is fine, as Dillon’s therapist has a plan to help “cure” Dillon of his issue.

It’s a love triangle between two people. Which one will end up with a broken heart?

I hope viewers of the film will be more willing to open themselves to others, even if they are different. I’ve found that the people with ideas and backgrounds opposite of mine are the ones I often get along with the most.

Joe Wielosinski


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