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Orphan Black Season 3 Features Clones At War With One Another

Season two of Orphan Black was a wild ride for the Sarah Manning, Cosima Niehaus and the other clones who are all played brilliantly (complete with different mannerisms, accents and personalities) by Tatiana Maslany.

The three big events of the series finale were when serial killing clone Helena was abducted and (potentially) forced into war and “pro” clone Rachel had her eye gouged out with a pencil, but not before Rachel sent Delphine (the girlfriend of gay clone Cosima) off to Germany. There was also the introduction of Project Castor, who are the male (in terms of biological sex) counterparts to Project Leda.


In season three of Orphan Black, it’s those Project Castor clones that are going to be the biggest challenge for Sarah and co. Speaking to People, the show’s co-creator Graeme Manson explained that:

“This journey of discovering who Castor is, what they’re up to and how they apply to us is really a season-long trip that we’re taking. [The Castor clones] were raised like a little wolf pack in a military-type setting. They’re self-aware and aware of each other and aware that they’re multiples and different and special and that they have their own purpose. … The differences in how they relate to each other is one of the coolest things about it.”

Out of those Castor clones, we’ve met Mark who was part of the Prolethean cult that tried to use Helena’s body for surrogacy last season, there’s also “Scarface” Rudy who Manson says is “really an alpha and a proper psycho” and finally, there’s a soldier named Miller and another brother named Seth who we’ll meet in the season three premiere. The Project Castor clones won’t be making it easy for Project Leda should they decide to go and rescue Helena.


Manson also says that “Those questions of ‘How far will you go to protect the ones you love?’ are big questions for us this season” so hopefully we’ll get some more answers on that when season three of Orphan Black premieres in April.


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