This probably one of the best stories I have ever heard about. This is the story of Kriss Marr and Lauren-Joy Goss.

On Monday September 15th, 2014, Kriss Marr invited Lauren-Joy Goss to see a brand new musical. Little did she know it would change their lives forever…

The show chronicled Lauren-Joy and Kriss’s relationship from beginning to end, including fun anecdotes written with the help of friends and family.

At the end, Lauren-Joy, got down on one knee and proposed to Kriss… awwwwwww

“A few days after the proposal, we both ‘came out’ on Facebook and, as two 29-year-old women who have been gay for a while, it was scary coming out a second time! The amount of love and support we received was overwhelming. People who I thought would never approve or accept my sexuality have sent me texts and messages saying how proud they are of the courage we have shown and how happy they were for us.”


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