Retribution for the Mail On Sunday for Misleading ‘Sperm Bank for Lesbians’ Headline – #AddForLesbiansToAHeadline

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Yesterday the Mail on Sunday plastered its front page with an inflammatory headline to simply fuel bigotry.

The headline declared the NHS is to fund sperm banks for LESBIANS. The newspaper was attempting to cover the launch of the UK’s new national sperm bank, which has been awarded a £77,000 grant by the Department of Health to boost sperm donations.

The sperm bank is targeted at all people who want to conceive, and will be available to straight couples, same-sex couples and single women, and to people of all ethnicities.

Despite this the paper heavily emphasised that the bank would be used by LESBIANS – going on to suggest the shock new move could lead to a generation of fatherless families – seriously?!

But fear not – Twitter user relayed against the paper, mocking the article, by needlessly adding the words “for lesbians” to other headlines.

Here are some of the best tweets we have seen…

Sperm Bank for Lesbians

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