Showtime’s new ‘L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin’ out August 8

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Earlier this year we learned that L Word creator Ilene Chaiken was working on a new 90-minute documentary that follows the lives of lesbians in Mississippi – L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin

The new documentary, will look at what it is life like for lesbians living outside more progressive metropolitan areas in America. Where they often endure hardships, bigotry, bullying, sexism and racism while trying.

The show journeys deep into Bible Belt towns like Laurel, Gulfport and Hattiesburg to tell the stories of a dozen such women, including a newly out-and-proud former pastor banished from her church, but who later regains her self-esteem by launching a program to support her local LGBTQ community. A white mother would accept her daughter’s black lover, if only she were a man. A couple grapples with both infertility and female-to-male gender transitioning. And a former life-long lesbian struggles to “pray the gay away,” and hopes to do the same for her openly gay son.

The new documentary Sin is a continuation of Chaiken’s exploration of modern-day lesbian life. Her groundbreaking drama series ‘The L Word’ ran for 6 seasons on Showtime, which was then followed by 3 seasons of reality show ‘The Real L Word’ that followed a similar group of lesbians at work and at play in LA and NY.

The L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin premieres on August 8. Take a closer look at the kinds of things will happen.

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