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20 Totally Unique Date Ideas You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

When we go on dates, we tend to focus on the classics: Dinner and a movie, possibly followed by a quick walk back to your place. Or, you try to mix things up, and you end up at a museum or library or an aquarium. But what are you supposed to do if you’re still bored with all your date options?

We’ve gathered up 20 date ideas that we’re pretty sure you haven’t been on with your partner yet – but that we think you’ll totally enjoy. Try them out, and see how they work for you! There are no limits to the amount of fun you can have together when you put your mind to it.

1. Two-person ice cream social or dessert crawl.

Are you itching for a sweet treat to share with your sweet treat? Make a point to visit all your local bakeries, dessert shops, cafes, or other confectionary delights with your boo. Some areas might even have independent vendors and merchants – try their treats to simultaneously help support small businesses!

2. Have sex somewhere new and exciting.

Don’t get me wrong – when you’re having sex with the right person, even the same old bedroom can be a super exciting place. But if you’re looking to light a fire within your relationship, having sex somewhere new can instantly make a difference. Just make sure you’re courteous to those around you, and don’t break any local noise or public indecency ordinances.

3. Get classy day-drunk and take in your local culture.

Okay, I know, the line between “classy day-drunk” and “passed out before 2 pm” is pretty thin sometimes. I think we’ve all been there before. (Or, at least, I tell myself we’ve all been there so I feel better about the dark times I did it.) But for the less sophisticated among us (ahem, me), nothing quite matches the feeling of being tipsy off champagne and looking at art. Or books. Or musicians in the park. Doesn’t really matter if the champagne is good enough.

4. Window shop in home and furniture stores.

If you’re already living with your partner, it might seem like home improvement shopping is the least romantic date you could go on. For some of us, home improvement projects even bring about feelings of dread and anxiety. But when you go in knowing that you’re not going to buy anything, what could easily become a boring sponge to soak up your entire paycheck can easily become a childlike game of hide-and-seek or a plan for a future dream house. Have fun with it!

5. Take skydiving, paragliding, or cliff jumping classes.

Looking for a real thrill? If you and your partner are both adrenaline junkies, these activities are a great way to get the heart pumping and create long-lasting memories you’ll be proud to share with friends and family. Just make sure you’re following all proper safety protocol – there are huge risks involved if you don’t!

6. Get tattoos or piercings together.

Now, I don’t personally recommend matching tattoos, or tattoos of each other’s names. I’m not usually a superstitious person but I know far too many people in my life who have an ex’s name tattooed on them, and not enough people who have their current partner’s name tattooed on them, if you catch my drift. You should each pick something that has symbolic (or aesthetic) significance to you, and set appointments for the same date and time to carpool together.

7. Attend a show with a band you’ve never heard of.

Music has the power to connect people, and it has the power to change your entire frame of mind. You’ll never know if you like a particular band until you give them a chance, so why not take a leap and attend a concert you haven’t been excited about for months? You might find a new favorite song, and you’ll definitely find a once-in-a-lifetime memory with your partner.

8. Camp in your own back yard.

I happen to live in the middle of a rural area, so my back yard might be a little more beneficial for this – but anyone with any size back yard, or with money to rent a secluded cabin, can take part in an awesome date under the stars. If it’s safe to build a campfire in your area (and you can do so without being fined), it’s a great opportunity to stay up until dawn discussing your life’s dreams… and then watch the sunrise together in the morning.

9. Go car camping.

Personally, I have a dream that my second vehicle is going to be a full-featured RV with all the latest technological advancements. In my mental picture, this car has a bed, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a writing area, so I’d never actually have to leave it, except to explore the world around me. But until then, the seats on my Chrysler recline – and I fully intend to take advantage of that when the weather is nice.

10. Play truth or dare or 7 minutes in heaven.

Those silly games we played as teenagers are, truthfully, still totally fun as adults. Except now, as an adult, you have the ability to buy the good alcohol, instead of just what your friend’s older sister would pick up for you. You’ve also got the maturity to dedicate all your questions to one person, instead of scoping out every hottie in the room after a couple of beers. Use it!

11. Go to your local gun range.

It probably doesn’t seem like the most romantic solution. But, when you think about it, shooting a gun (and doing so properly and legally) is very similar to a loving and healthy relationship. You need to be adequately prepared (properly licensed and trained), you need to be dedicated (and committed enough to wait any mandatory background checking period), and self-control (as in, you don’t shoot at targets that don’t belong to you). What a perfect metaphor for the adventurous couple!

12. Have a picnic in an exciting location.

Have you ever had pizza and beer on top of a roof, or tandoori chicken in a treehouse? What about sub sandwiches in a library? Sometimes, the simplest change to make is a change of scenery, so give your relationship a boost by taking the mundane to all-new places.

13. Go on a no-GPS-allowed road trip.

It can be a little scary to go for a road trip without knowing where you’re going beforehand, but when you’ve got your partner-in-crime riding shotgun, there’s nowhere left for fear (except maybe the back seat). Go off exploring, but set yourself a deadline – if you haven’t found your way home by dawn, make sure you stop somewhere to take a nap.

14. Attend random local events.

Most cities have that one thing they’re well known for. My city is known for the olive festival. The last city I lived in had the asparagus festival. Whatever your region takes pride in, you should take pride in it, too! Make a date with your honey to learn the rich history, and maybe meet some new couple friends, too.

15. Play miniature or disc golf.

When it comes to physical activity, golf (of any kind) is pretty much on the low-impact list. But it can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re both out of practice – you might even meet some interesting new people. (Or, you might fall into a water hazard and find out it’s not for you – either way, you’ll have fun and make some memories.)

16. Take pictures at the highest point in town.

Many cities have designated lookout points, but for those that don’t, you’ll want to find somewhere with a high vantage point and lots of natural lighting – either through windows or open air. No matter where your place happens to be, make sure you get some good pictures of the area and commemorate your new special spot.

17. Go to a karaoke bar.

If you’ve never been out to a karaoke bar before, you’re in for a treat – even the shyest of people seem to come out of their shell once you put alcohol and a microphone in the room together. Even if drunken singing isn’t your personal idea of a good time, going to the karaoke bar with your partner can expose you to people who make you feel better about your own talents, as well as people who completely blow your mind with skill. (But, of course, you should totally go on stage, too.)

18. Play hooky at the arcade.

Believe it or not, those old coin-operated arcades of our childhood still exist and are still an incredible source of fun and shenanigans. Some arcades may even offer ticket exchanges, allowing you to bring the charm of the carnival right to your lady’s night stand, year round.

19. Build a blanket fort or tree house together.

Okay, I know this list has a lot of childlike stuff on it – but blanket forts and tree houses are solid make-out spots that will have you feeling like a teenager in no time. Whether you’ve been together for twenty years or twenty minutes, the fun of creating a special haven for your love is hard to deny.

20. Go skinny dipping.

Officially, I should warn you that skinny dipping is actually illegal some places. Especially if you’re doing it in public, like at a hotel or a community pool. So, officially, I’m not telling you that you should sneak into a hotel pool and strip off all your clothes. (But… You know… You totally should.)

What other unique date ideas can you come up with? Share them in the comments – and let us know how these ideas worked out for you and your girlfriend!


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