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29 Relationship Truths All Lesbians Learn While Navigating The Dating World

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We complain when we don’t have a girlfriend, and we complain when we do.

1. Regardless of your current relationship status, you never want to know about the new person your ex is dating.


2. Dating is about who you know, and how they can set you up with their friends.


3. You’ll never forget your first love.


4. Your best friends will date and then break-up, and you’ll be forced to pick a team.

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5. Just because a women says she’s straight doesn’t mean she won’t make out with you.


6. When you have a crush on someone, you’ll do anything to be with them.


7. When it comes to flirting, sometimes even your best game won’t be enough.


8. The workplace, while a tempting place to find a potential date, is not the place to do so.


9. You quickly learn how small the dating pool is. A single, cute, and out girl is as beautiful and rare thing.


10. Falling in love for the first time is the most beautiful and painful thing that will happen to you.

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11. Guys will still hit on you. And not always because they think you’re straight.


12. It’s not easy to figure out what to do with all those sex toys after the breakup.


13. NOBODY will leave you as emotionally wrecked as that first straight girl you fall for.


14. Break-up never go to plan.


15. Your definition of “relationship” might not be hers.


16. Your first time having sex is never your best time having sex.


17. Gaydar is not always a sure thing.


18. Seeing your ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend can be very life-affirming!


19. Sometimes, a relationship is complicated, and not even your best friends will fully understand it.


20. When someone isn’t calling you, they’re not playing hard to get.


21. Putting yourself out there isn’t easy.


22. Just because you’re lonely and she’s pretty doesn’t mean you have to make-out.


23. However, sometimes the right person is right in front of you.

lesbian kissing 08

24. Realising you love someone is terrifying, especially if you don’t know how they feel.


25. It’s important not to be cynical all the time.


26. Being in a relationship turns you into the other person’s cheerleader, whether you like it or not.


27. Your true friends will love you no matter what crazy shit you do.


28. Sometimes the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.


29. And once you master that, everything else will fall into place.


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