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8 Irrational Thoughts You Have When You’re Single AF, Then Suddenly Meet Someone You Really Like

Being single long-term is a test. Sometimes it’s amazing. Sometimes it sucks like a MOFO.

At a certain point, we unintentionally take on the identity of “single as fuck,” which just means that we’ve accepted our single status and aren’t in a hurry to change it.

When you’re single AF and suddenly meet someone interesting, there are some thoughts you’re likely to have.

1. She seems great as a friend

This thought is the start of the great denial stage, in which you’re unable to imagine having a romantic relationship with anyone so they all get thrown in the wildly confusing “friends” category. Deep down, you know it could be more but admitting it would be too scary.

2. We have so much in common

It’s just because we’re going to be such good friends, of course. The more similarities we discover, the more we want to be around her, but we keep on telling ourselves that it’s just a friendship.

3. I shouldn’t be thinking this way about a friend

On the other hand, it could be construed as a perfectly normal friend thing to notice her cute smile and amazing eyes, right? Well, no, not really. If you’ve been imagining her in ways you don’t typically think of your friends, you probably can’t be just friends.

4. Those aren’t butterflies in my stomach; it’s just lunch turning over.

It’s unsettling when you start to feel the butterflies after they’ve been noticeably absent for a while. It’s tempting to pass them off as anything other than what they are: feelings.

5. Oh shit… I think I like her.

At a certain point, even the most single of us has to admit that we’re shockingly still capable of having feelings for someone. Once we’ve admitted that to ourselves, we inevitably ask “what’s next?”


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