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New Short Film Exposes How Subtle, But Dangerous Emotional Abuse Can Be (Video)

Written by and starring Ali Vingiano and Brittany Ashley, the new 15-minute film for BuzzFeed video, tells the story of the devastating reality of being in an emotionally abusive and unhealthy relationship.

Talking to The Huffington Post, Vingiano explained the importance of the video

We hadn’t seen emotional abuse honestly depicted much in TV or media, and we especially hadn’t seen a story showing it within a lesbian relationship.

Vingiano said that while the film tells a fictional story, they did draw on their own personal experiences to shed light on the often overlooked traits that make a relationship an abusive one.

We wanted to show how hard it can be to realize you’re in an unhealthy relationship, and how abuse isn’t always physical.”

Unhealthy Relationships shows those hardly noticeable moments that we so often excuse. Like constantly monitoring who a partner is texting, demeaning a partner in front of their friends and being generally passive aggressive and controlling.

Watch the video below.


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