Baby Planning 101: 5 Things To Do Before The Newborn Arrival

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When the time is nearing for your baby to arrive, things can get a bit hectic around the house.

And while you and your partner have probably gone over the newborn necessities checklist so many times you can recite it by heart, there’s a chance you may have missed something in all of the baby planning chaos.

Here’s a look at a few things that will help you maximize that checklist and get you as prepared as two new moms can possibly be for the big change that’s about to come your way

Choose a Paediatrician

Although this seems like an obvious thing to do, it can often times be forgotten until parents realize their baby is sick. And if you haven’t chosen a pediatrician before your child is born, it can be difficult to find one at the last minute that you entrust your child’s wellbeing with.

So take your time before the birth to find the perfect pediatrician fit for you.

A good way to do this it through recommendations from friends and family. And don’t be afraid to make calls and set up consultations to help you find the right doctor.

Freeze Meals Ahead of Time

Once the baby is home, it’s going to be a hectic and stressful time, not to mention tiring. Let’s face it, nobody is going to be in the mood to cook. Before your due date, be sure to stock up your fridge with healthy food options. It’s also a great idea to make freezable meals ahead of time.

That way all you have to do is warm them up in the oven and your good to go without having to worry about what to cook for dinner on top of everything else.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

It’s a good idea to have a hospital bad packed for you and the baby ahead of time. Must haves to include in the bag are toiletries and personal items, socks, lip balm, and snacks. Personalize your bad so that it fits your needs, and don’t forget to have your partner bring her own bag as well since she’s most likely going to be spending her time at the hospital with you.

Wash Crib Sheets and Baby Clothes

It’s always a good idea to wash anything that will be coming in to contact with the baby’s skin. And while you don’t have to wash everything all at once, pre-wash at least a week’s worth of clothing before the baby’s arrival so you don’t have to worry about doing laundry while you’re recovering from childbirth and taking care of the baby.

Make a Labor Playlist

It might not even be something you considered putting on your checklist, but so many moms have sworn by the calming feelings the get from listing to music while in labor. So take the time to go through your favorite songs and make  yourself a playlist. Music has proven to be therapeutic for many different situations, and childbirth is no exception.



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