Can You Guess Which Celebrity Impression Kate McKinnon Did To Get Her Spot On ‘SNL’?

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Before Kate McKinnon was Emmy winning, ghost busting and bad-ass she was, like many starry-eyed, young comedians, just trying to get an audition for Saturday Night Live.

In a recent interview PEOPLE, McKinnon revealed her nerve-wracking SNL audition.

It was very scary. If you’re a sketch comedian, SNL is the job you want to get. It’s so important in the history of American culture, and it was such an important part of my life growing up.”

McKinnon says adds

You’ve got five minutes to do whatever you want, so I did like five impressions and a couple of characters. I honestly don’t remember all of them. Penelope Cruz was one of them.”

The comic stars in the upcoming animated film Leap!, which is about an orphan girl who dreams of being a world-class ballerina.
McKinnon, who voices three characters, including the villain Regine, loved not having to worry about hair and makeup while working on the movie.

That is absolutely the best part. It’s nice to see a tale about a girl who is not trying to get married. She has a passion and something she wants to accomplish in the world.”

Watch McKinnon and Leslie Jones in Funniest Confessions Ever below – Naked binge-watching and ‘fashion sweats’

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