Evan Rachel Wood Bids Farewell To Her Twenties In Touching Open Letter

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Evan Rachel Wood hit the milestone last week and decided to celebrate becoming a 30-something by looking back at her past in an open letter published by Nylon.

I can finally start looking back on my past with a smile on my face because it’s over and I survived…

I very easily could have been dead in my 20s. I think a lot of people can relate to this. I did not think I would make it this far. So every second is a gift.”

She called her 20s a “time of metamorphosis, loss, love, trauma, and enlightenment”, during which she fell in love, met her heroes, and welcomed her son, while also recalling a rape ordeal, her divorce and a suicide attempt.

My limits have been tested in many ways, and I learned I am much stronger than I ever thought possible. The greatest lesson I have learned is that there is always more to learn.”

The open letter was published a day after a tweet from the birthday girl suggested she was single again after splitting from her bandmate fiance Zach Villa.

According to People, Wood and Villa called off their engagement about a month ago. The couple first met in 2015 at a John Hughes-inspired cabaret in LA, and then combined forces to make the electro-pop duo, Rebel and a basketcase.

Wood was previously married to actor Jamie Bell for two years before they got divorced in 2014.

In Feb. of this year, Wood got real about her sexuality (she’s bisexual) in a moving speech when she was awarded the Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award. She said in the speech,

I didn’t realize that there was anything that would have been considered different about me until I was 12 years old – right around when puberty and sexual feelings start to take over – and I felt something that I couldn’t explain. I thought women were beautiful, and I realized I had always thought women were beautiful. But because I was born that way, I never once stopped to think that was strange or anything to fear.”

Although she knew when she was young that she had feelings for women and men, she “buried those feelings” after hearing so much hate speech toward the LGBTQ+ community. She continued,

But because of the voices I listened to, because of the people I identified with, the films I had watched, the music I had heard, because of words like ‘bisexual’ and the doors that it opened, I’m still here — and I didn’t miss out on the most beautiful thing I’ve seen yet, and that was my son.”



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