Lesbian Themed Film ‘Wild Canaries’ Banned by Idaho Theater

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It would appear the IFC Film Wild Canaries is a bit too wild for Idaho, as The Panida Theater pulls two scheduled screenings of the murder mystery, for what it deemed “inappropriate content that was not disclosed”.

Why the shock move – well in a statement linked from their Facebook page, Panida’s executive director Patricia Walker White said the IFC Films release “contained subject matter not in keeping with the standards of the Panida and I have chosen to cancel screenings for Friday and Saturday matinee. I apologize for any inconvenience.”

Wild Canaries 04

Cast member Sophia Takal, however, charges the Panida with exaggerating the movie’s content to forward its own agenda about what is appropriate for Sandpoint residents.

They said there was drug use, sex and language and the movie was NR but should have been rated R. They’ve played R rated movies before and movies with drugs and violence according to some Facebook comments. Wild Canaries’ has no nudity, no sex scenes. It has two scenes where a guy is smoking marijuana. It has two lesbian main characters. It’s hard not to jump to the conclusion that that’s why they pulled it.”

Representatives for Takal and the Panida have not yet comment.

So what is the film about? Wild Canaries tells the story of engaged couple Noah (writer/director Levine) and Barri (Sophia Takal), who start to suspect foul play when their elderly neighbour passes away.

Wild Canaries 03

Paranoia and bickering soon take over the relationship as the two lovebirds stumble into their haphazard detective work. Both Noah and Barri are accompanied by their lesbian BFFs – Jean (Alia Shawkat) – who find themselves wrapped up in the couple’s relationship drama.

Wild Canaries 01

Noah has long suspected that Jean was in love with Barri, and is dismayed to realise he’s been right.

Wild Canaries 05

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