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World’s Smallest Country Legalises Gay Marriage

The Pitcairn Island is a country with only 48 people living there – have unanimously legalised same-sex marriage.


They actually legalised it a month ago, but couldn’t get the news out because the island’s website was down.

Deputy Governor of Pitcairn, Kevin Lynch said that the local council unanimously accepted the law change after England, Scotland, and Wales legalised gay marriage last year.

Rodney Croome, the National Director of Australian Marriage Equality said

It shows how much the islanders value equality and inclusion. I could imagine some couples from off the island might find it a romantic destination, including Australians who can’t marry in their own country.”

Established in 1790 by a bunch of English mutineers and Tahitian passengers, Pitcairn is a part of the Pacific British, and is considered the smallest country in the world.