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15 Reason Why Your Low Maintenance Girlfriend is Actually a Keeper

While being lazy might be slightly frowned upon at the workplace, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s frowned upon in relationships.

Hell no! Not only are lazy women both innovative and resourceful, but they’re just fun to have around.

If you’ve got yourself a lazy sloth-like lady, hold on to her – she’s a gem.

Don’t believe me? Then allow us to run down the reasons why lazy women absolutely make the best girlfriend for any gal.

1. She doesn’t take forever to get ready, as most of her outfits are just some combination of t-shirts and jeans.

2. She’s content with Netflix and takeout, over dinner and a movie.

3. She’s not looking to impress other people.

4. She’s can’t be bothered to cheat on you. It’s too much of a hassle to go on dates with other women, and let alone lie about it afterwards.

5. She won’t change the channel when you’re watching TV because finding the remote means moving from her comfy spot.

6. She won’t pressure you to go to the gym because she’s definitely not going to the gym.

7. She won’t make you go on endless shopping trips, because she hates the effort of going to the shopping centre. Online shopping is the way to go.

8. She doesn’t annoy you with long “Sunday fun-day” plans, because she knows that Sunday should be spent in bed.

9. You’ll never find stacks of dirty dishes in her kitchen, because she opts for paper take-out boxes instead.

10. She likes to hop in the shower with you to eliminate the pre-shower hassle of finding the right temperature.

11. She doesn’t like wearing pants, so your granted she’s always in.

12. She won’t wake you up early.

13. She won’t put that much effort into stalking your past because, frankly, it’s too much work.

14. She will not bug you about going grocery shopping, because she’s always ready to order in.

15. Her preferred choice of entertainment is snuggling on the sofa.




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