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6 Signs You Are in a Serious Relationship

If this was a perfect world relationships would be easy. Two people would meet, date and if everything went according to plan they would commit to each other.

Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world and it can be quite confusing knowing exactly in which phase a relationship is in. How do you tell if your once casual relationship is now a serious relationship?

Personal items – If your partner is leaving her stuff in your house and you are okay with it. Then this is a sign that the relationship has taken a turn to the serious side. The more important the items the more serious the relationship is. A sure sign is if you have exchanged keys to each other’s apartments.

Family and friends – If you regularly hang out with her friends and family. They even seem to think that if they tell one of you something it’s like telling both of you. Do you go out with your partner’s friends or family without her being around? You are in a serious relationship.

The four letter word – If you often use “I love you” in your conversations then you’re definitely not in a casual relationship.

Honesty – You each other absolutely everything. You have this urge to describe your day’s events and you don’t leave anything out.

Facebook/twitter – Your relationship status is “in a relationship”. Half of the photos are of the two of you. You are comfortable with everyone knowing about her. You regularly receive friend requests from her friends. You are part of her life, the world knows it.

Likes and dislikes – You start listening to the songs she likes. Those slow love songs don’t sound so awful now. The same case applies to food, restaurants and television shows. You are now enjoying what they like and disliking what they hate. This is inevitable when two people stay together for a long time.



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