7 Difficult Truths About Lesbian Relationships

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It can be amazing waking up next to the person you love more than anything in the morning. There’s no feeling like it. But there are some things that women in lesbian relationships have to deal with that hetros don’t really experience and that can make things harder for us.

When you tell people about your partner and get asked ‘who is the man?’

I know, right? This has to be the most outright, idiotic question that we get asked. There is no man. Period. We’re both women, get it? Apparently it’s hard for some people to understand a relationship can actually happen without a man playing a part in it.

Men trying to pull you both.

It seems that lesbians are fair game to some drunken men and they will think nothing of trying to take you home with them in order to become a legend amongst his friends. Usually an embarrassing put down in front of his friends does the trick as he quickly goes from legend to laughing stock in a matter of seconds.

The dreaded ‘exclusive’ and ‘dating’ words.

These words can so often become the biggest passion killer in the early phase of a relationship when you both argue, cry and talk about what these words mean to you both. Plus, the conversations will continue until the rules are firmly established. It’s really exhausting and can kill some relationships before they even get a chance to blossom.


Boy, don’t us lesbians just love to talk to each other constantly? We ask each other what we are feeling, thinking, doing and what we mean and what we want on a daily basis. Communication is a fantastic thing but lesbians do tend to take the communication a step too far sometimes when no words are actually needed and a kiss would suffice.

The Sex disappears.

In the beginning we can barely keep our hands off of each other and then slowly the sex starts to disappear. It could be for many reasons but then both women start to feel too embarrassed or nervous to initiate sex so then the sex becomes even less and so the cycle begins.

Trying to play cool.

Why do we do this? What’s wrong with just being open and telling our boo that we are really into her and simply ask if she feels the same way? But we don’t. Instead both try to play it cool so we don’t appear too keen. Before we know it we’ve played it so cool and she’s suddenly become an ice maiden and no longer returns your calls.

When public displays of affection make others stare at you.

This has got to be the worst thing ever. All we want to do is stroll down the street holding hands and maybe share a kiss or a cuddle on a park bench once in a while, so why do we end up feeling like an exhibition in a zoo as people stare or shout at us? Let us just be a normal couple like millions of other couples. After all, we don’t stare and gawp at hetro couples so why do they do it to us?

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