The Fight Goes On: Hillary Clinton Condemns ‘Outrageous’ Anti-LGBT Laws In New Campaign Video

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The US presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, has criticised LGBT discrimination laws (and views) that still exists in certain parts of the US.

The fight goes onEvery American deserves to live free from discrimination—no matter who they are or who they love.

Posted by Hillary Clinton on Sunday, 10 April 2016

In a response to the recent anti-LGBT law changes in Mississippi and North Carolina, Clinton’s new video pulls together her comments on LGBT rights and the bigotry often faced by the community.

I’ll fight to end discrimination wherever it occurs. It is outrageous that in 2015 you can still be fired for being gay, you can still lose your home for being gay, you can even be denied a wedding cake for being gay, and this kind of discrimination goes against everything we stand for as a country.”

The video also quotes from her famous 2011 speech to the UN, during which she proclaimed that “Gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.”

She also reminds voters that it was she who made it possible for trans Americans to change the gender on their passports during her time as Secretary of State.

Bernie Sanders, last week promised to overturn the laws if elected President.

Talking The View, he said

As president of the United States, I would do everything I can do to overturn those outrageous decisions by Mississippi and North Carolina. We have gone too far as a nation. God knows we have seen so much discrimination in our history.

What we are trying to do is say, ‘You have your political views. That’s fine,’… But I hope we remember what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told us. You judge people on their character, not on the colour of their skin. And I would add to that not on their gender or sexual orientation.”

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