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Polyamorous Love Story Film ‘Twice’ Seeks Funding

If there’s one thing that queer people are collectively fed up with it’s seeing the same old stories time and time again. Representation is nice, yes, but does it always have to be a case of ‘two same sex people meet each other, one realises they aren’t straight and ditches their opposite sex partner’? We’ve seen that time and time again.

And queer media isn’t the only place we’re assaulted with trope-y love triangles either. Take the entirety of the Twilight franchise, for example, or even The Hunger Games. It’s always the same thing – someone taken falls in love with somebody new and then they’re forced to choose.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Some people aren’t about that choose-y life; why sacrifice one loving relationship just so that you can begin another? Some people are polyamorous and have multiple partners, loving them equally. That’s not talked about very often and there’s a misunderstanding and a stigma surrounding the polyamorous identity but polyamorous love story film ‘Twice’ would like to change that.

Twice focuses on two people, a man and a woman, who experience a polyamorous love story from two very different viewpoints. One of the leads, named Woman, is polyamorous and one of her partners, Man, grows uncomfortable with her identity and her idea of the magic number (the idea that because there are more people involved in a relationship it doesn’t mean that you’ll love each of them any less) and so he breaks up with her.


The film is described by its creators as being “about second chances, actively loving, being honest, coming out, heartbreak, recovery and the power that exists within the everyday story you tell yourself.” That certainly sounds like it’ll hit all of the right notes to be a soppy, popcorn fest and even if it isn’t explicitly queer it certainly appeals to a queer audience who that’s looking for something more than a woman torn between two tedious men.

Furthermore, should Twice prove successful, who knows what sort of stories we’ll get about queer characters in future? Say, an alternative where Brittany on Glee can love Artie and Santana rather than breaking one or both of their hearts.

Half of Twice has been filmed and its creators are looking for $25,000 to finish the rest of the movie. Check it out on Kickstarter here.