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Indonesia Wants To Ban Tumblr Over LGBT Content

This week, Indonesian Government announced plans to ban access to the blogging site Tumblr.

Under the countries 2008 Pornography Law, the Communications and Information Ministry’s e-business director, Azhar Hasyim, has written to Tumblr demanding that the explicit content be removed.

If Tumblr then agrees to block pornography and LGBT content from being accessed in Indonesia, we will open [access to] the website again.”

The move comes after Indonesia ordered messaging apps and social networks to remove all lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender emoji earlier this month, on the grounds that the images would cause “unrest” in the majority-Muslim country.

The government has in the past blocked sites like Netflix, Vimeo, and Reddit over violent or pornographic content, and has asked Twitter to implement porn filters for users in the country.

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The government’s information ministry spokesman Ismail Cawidu said:

No social media may show items that smack of LGBT. Because we have our own rules, like religious values and norms, which they must respect.”

Creepy Things Guys Say to Lesbians on Dating Apps

Men aren’t very good at hearing a “hard no” in person, and online – pah!

It’s partly due to their socialisation to think if they persist and find the right phrase or action, then they’ll win the prize. And partly thinking that women are “just playing hard to get”.

So when confronted by a lesbian on dating app they go into overdrive, especially when those dating apps have a good chance of being for lesbians only?

One lesbian woman decided to find out and blog her experiences on her tumblr account. The results are mind-blowingly sad…

What do lesbians look like???


 The ‘but I’m a lesbian too’ guy


The empathetic man


‘I like women… you like women’ must be a match then


The confused male

tumblr_nasuucStSP1sn1k3go3_500 tumblr_ncwrriJmqE1sn1k3go1_500


Has to be a racist


The confused


The ‘cock shot’ convincer guy


The downright rude


The ego




Comment below if you have a dating app horror story.

5 Tomboy Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Tomboy fashionistas and fashion brands have taken internet by storm with their well crafted fashions blogs. Here is our run-down of the 5 top profiles online.

But I’m a Tomboy

Menswear, androgynous wear and tomboy chic – these are the passions of Sunny, an art student from New York whose site also deals with non-fashion issues.

Website: www.but-im-a-tomboy.com

Wild Fang

Self-described Robin Hoods, Wild Fang are busy reinventing menswear for tomboys all over the world. Check out their amazing designs, some of which are modelled by Kate Moenning and Casey Legler.

Website: www.wearewildfang.tumblr.com and www.wildfang.com

Switch Teams

Never has someone looked so good with dyed blue hair. A beautiful blend of very personal work and more referential stuff.

Website: www.switchteams.tumblr.com


Boston’s best LGBT style blog, Qwear began life in 2011. Founder Sonny Oram continues to wow the crowds with not only lovely images but enlightening op-eds and news reports.

Website: www.qwearfashion.com

Queering Style

Personal advice for LGBTS meets sartorial elegance. Alexa, who describes herself as “a queer with big hair”has used her Tumblr profile to promote her own sense of dapper style.

Website: www.queeringstyle.tumblr.com



Who the f*ck is Metafor?

I’m just a kid speaking my mind through quotes & sh*t.

Take  a closer look at I Am Metafor. The concept is simple – its a collection of inspiring quotes to inspire the young (and old) people everywhere. The style is real and the messages are true. We at Kitsch are inspired by the creativity of a young and talented mind.

My aim is not to please. I’m just speaking my mind through quotes, I’m on a journey to find myself…

Image source – www.iammetafor.tumblr.com